Concrete & Sound Barrier Fences

When you are looking for a fence that is, long lasting, looks great year after year, enhances your property, is unaffected by weather, and reduces noise you are looking for a concrete fence.

Our concrete fences are locally manufactured and installed by experienced crews. Concrete fences can offer the following benefits:

  • 20 year product warranty
  • Zero maintenance
  • No staining or painting required (comes in a standard grey colour but it can be stained)
  • No rot, corrosion, rust, or stains
  • Strong and durable (minimum 35 MPa strength)
  • A variety of patterns and styles
  • Sound dampening characteristics
  • Meets Ministry of Transportation BC requirements
  • Unaffected by rain, ice, snow, sleet
  • Wind load tested
  • Customizable height and length
  • Call Safeguard today and allow us to help you with your fencing needs.

Sound Barrier Fences

Concrete sound barrier fences utilize carefully selected materials and proper installation to significantly reduce sound carrying through your fences. The versatility of these fences make them suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including: airports, property developments, construction, railways, parking lots, and more!